I have an Logitech MX Master mouse that comes with a program to adjust it's settings called Logitech Options. I use this to adjust the issue many people have a mac: you wanna scroll with trackpad the 'natural' way, but with the mouse wheel you want the reverse. In Logitech Options you can configure these two separately:

Logitech Options menu

However after every times the MacBook sleeps for a while the settings don't apply any more. They are still set correctly, but I have to change them and set them back every to for the settings to apply again.

This is an issue on my current MacBook Pro (2019 model), not on my previous one (mid 2015). I run MacOS Catalina (10.15.2)

How can I fix this?

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    One clue I noticed is whenever the mouse doesn't work 'right' on a bluetooth connection, the two little icons at the bottom of the screen showing the bluetooth and battery life will be greyed out. Switching over to my unified receiver seems to work (but I have issues with mine). Often a full reboot will correct it. I don't know what it means, it just feels like a clue. – Marcel Wilson Mar 3 '20 at 14:09
  • I've used 5 Logitech mice over many years across 4 Windows PCs. Logitech Options has never once remembered settings when setting up a new machine. EVER. – niico Nov 2 '20 at 13:15

For me it happened a single time and I just put the macbook to sleep and wake it up again. The options setting come back!

[Update] Today it happens again and the sleep-and-wake-up doesn't work this time. I switched off the mouse and switched on again, and the options are back!

  • Thank you @Sheng! For me, a simple Mac Sleep and wake-up fixed it! This happens about once a week for me, and only restarting the mac fixed it. But this is much faster! – stwr667 Feb 9 at 2:39

This is a bit embarrassing but downloading the newest version of Logitech Options solved the problem (...for a month, but again the app is not stable.)

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    Well shit... now the problem is back :( – Herman Mar 4 '20 at 9:57
  • Yeah. I installed this software on one Mac and promptly decided I couldn’t run it anywhere and uninstalled it. I’ll forego any customizations in Logitech. It’s a shame since the hardware seems great. The Mac software, lacking severely for me in usability and reliability. – bmike Oct 7 '20 at 11:34
  • The only software I’ve been happy with on macOS to manage USB devices is usboverdrive.com – bmike Oct 7 '20 at 11:38

I have Catalina and M720 Triathlon mouse and exact the same problem. The newest Logi Options won't help. What I noticed though is that I don't need "to change them and set them back every to for the settings to apply again." Just restarting the Logi Options app fixes it. BTW the settings are kept even if you close this app. So selecting "Open at Login" in the Logi Options dock icon's options also assures it works after the reboot.

Now, I tried to reproduce the issue by putting Macbook to sleep and checking whether the settings were kept or not after the wake - and they were - even with Logi Options closed.

If it happens again seems the only option will be a script opening the Logi Options after each wake.

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    ...and today it happened again - without any apparent reason - just after some time of normally working. What's sad is neither restarting the Logi Options nor re-applying the settings helps, looks like I need to at least log out to get it working again aarrgghh – Justin Case Apr 5 '20 at 10:39

I have been using a M557 for the last ~ 2 year gem of a mouse never an issue. I bought a M590 yesterday (multi device silent mouse). This mouse has the exact same problem you guys explained above. Tried a bunch of options didn't work. As someone suggested above, opening logitech options s/w solves the issue, but do not want to keep doing it. I raised a ticket with logitech.

Thinking if i should return this mouse!!

  • Btw, this only happens if i connect the mouse using Bluetooth and not usb-dongle – gangumal Jun 1 '20 at 16:57
  • If this is a public ticket could you share so we can all follow along? – MrWizard54 Aug 3 '20 at 18:16
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    No, i dont think it is a public ticket I will check. if it is a public ticket i will ping the details here. – gangumal Aug 5 '20 at 20:02

Open Activity Monitor and stop Logi Options Daemon. This will restart it.


The only stable solution that I found is using Scroll Reverser.


There are no problems using it together with Logi Options.

  • This sounds like a good solution, but by now I've already gotten used to it ;) – Herman Jan 5 at 14:28

Open a new terminal and write:

kill $(ps aux | grep LogiMgrDaemon.app | awk 'FNR == 1 {print $2}')

This command search the PID of the Logi Options Daemon and kill it's execution, next automatically the daemon will restart and restore the normal behavior.


I had a similar problem. Disabling the application specific settings solved the problem for me. I know it's not a real solution, but it might help someone.

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