I have an 3TB external HDD with 2 partitions, one of them is 1TB dedicated to time machine (encrypted).

It works perfectly, but whenever I unmount the partitions (by using right click, Eject via finder, which offers the option to "Eject All" partitions of this drive).

When I plug the drive back in, the non-encrypted non-time-machine partition mounts fine automatically, but not the (encrypted) time machine one.

Trying to mount via the Disk Utility app yield the following error:

com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error -119930868.)

Trying to mount via Terminal by running $> diskutil coreStorage unlockVolume GUID first to unlock the drive, then mounting that partition via $> diskutil mount GUID does not work either.

Sometimes $> diskutil list will just hand indefinitely, and when this happens even shutting down does not work (I guess macOS is waiting for something).

The only workaround I have is too reboot the mac; so that makes me think that it is not an issue with my drive.

Note: The disk is not plugged in directly, but through a thunberbolt3 dock (Caldigit TS3+).

  • Diagnostic question: If you plug the drive directly into into the computer, does the problem remain? If not, you may need to update the drivers on the dock; if so, then the dock is not the issue. – Ted Wrigley Jan 11 at 14:37
  • Thanks, @TedWrigley that was on my todo list, will try and keep you posted. – pyrho Jan 11 at 15:12
  • Diagnostic things you could check off: - Connect the drive directly - Do a pram and smc reset - Try a different Thunderbolt cable - Try on a different mac, with and without the dock – Yilk81 Jan 11 at 15:19
  • I did manage to get it to work once by manually ejecting (via diskutil eject), but I was never able to replicate that. – pyrho Jan 11 at 16:25
  • When unlocking the volume via the terminal via unlockVolume, and then trying to remount it via mount I get this message (via diskutil activity): >***DiskDescriptionChanged ('disk4', DAVolumeMountable = '0', DAVolumeKind = '<null>', DAVolumeName = '<null>', DAVolumeType = '<null>', DAVolumeUUID = '<null>') Time=20200111-17:24:41.4690 ***DAIdle (no DADiskRef) Time=20200111-17:24:41.4690 Note that everything is "<null>". – pyrho Jan 11 at 16:26

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