I'm trying to get my Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 working over a USB-C cable connection.

The Wacom instructions tell me to drag and drop Wacom Tablet Driver and Wacom Touch Driver into my "Input Monitoring."

However, Input Monitoring will not accept drag and drop. The empty list of apps displays "Apps that have requested access to monitor input from your keyboard will appear here."

What should I do here?

  • Would you edit this to list the version / date of the software you are using and what version of Catalina? There are some recent updates that might be as simple as get version Y. I’ll take the second question out as we strongly prefer one question per question. – bmike Jan 22 at 18:05

First Unlock the lock. You can then press the + button, on the finder window which will open you locate the path/executable of the app you wish to add, and add it.

Picture below

enter image description here

  • This is exactly what we do after running all macOS updates and then making sure our Wacom driver is fresh from their website. – bmike Jan 22 at 18:06
  • If you have no existing apps in "Input Monitoring", the Wacom install will not add its drivers. To solve this: install, run and enable Input Monitoring for the trial version of "ColorSnapper 2". – frog22man Mar 24 at 12:34

It looks like there is no way to add new app if no other app asked for this permision - there is no list with +/- buttons. I've installed discord - and it appeared in the list - then I was able to add WacomTabletDriver and WacomTouchDriver from /Library/Application Support/Tablet/ to this Input Monitoring apps list...

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