I am a fan of the exposé feature in Mac. I work in multiple spaces dedicated to each for respective projects.

However, I would want to see all windows belonging to a particular application on that Space alone. Is there a way I can enable such a thing?

How to see all windows of an application in the same space alone ?

Edit: Added image to display windows of an application which belong to different spaces but shown together:

enter image description here

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Apple doesn’t design finder and expose to do this. It’s a design decision, so they might add a switch if enough people convince them it’s worth coding, but in the mean time, programmers have utilities to help.

Here’s a very in-depth write up of how this used to be the default and now is not, if you’re into the history of user interface choices or just want to know a little more about the author(s) of the tool.

Also, this tool doesn’t show you fake proxy windows on the space, it surfaces the actual windows. If you need something to re-arrange the windows, look to Moom or Divvy - they are long time, super excellent and powerful window management applications to super charge your control and automate window placement in a way that Mission Control (exposé) does.


In case you have a trackpad:

Make sure you have the App Exposé setting switched on in your trackpad settings. Follow the animated example. Hover a dock icon of a particular app to show its windows, or simply hover a window of an app to set it for the Exposé gesture.

A Screenshot showing the macOS Trackpad settings

In case you don't have a trackpad:

Still, you may click on a dock icon and click "Show All Windows".

  • Would it give all windows: grouped by spaces?
    – anki
    Jan 9, 2020 at 10:07

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