I have my work computer that I connect to my dual monitor setup, and my MacBook Air 2017 that I can't since it doesn't have a usb-c port.

Is there any way I can use the same hub with ubc-c connection for my MacBook?

  • Just to clarify, you would like to connect your USB-C hub to your 2017 MacBook Air? And if so, it the hub USB-C, or Thunderbolt 3?
    – Jake3231
    Jan 4, 2020 at 23:21

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Assuming that you have a USB hub/dock with a USB-C connection....

The answer is no because the USB ports on your MBA is USB 3.0 while the USB-C connection is at minimum, 3.1. USB is backward compatible with downstream devices and in your case, the downstream device (the hub) is a higher spec.


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