I am watching this screencast series where the guy is using OSX and has this cool terminal window client.

Trying to figure out which one he is using. Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

It looks like he is able to also click on folders and it opens a new terminal window. Full video is here: https://youtu.be/-kXYycFYDzo?list=PL05JrBw4t0KqoFUiX42JG7BAc7pipMBAy&t=211

Can someone recommend software that performs this based on the screen shot?


Acme in Plan9.

There's a macOS version available.

If you want this video Ori actually talks through and explains how to change and edit how the editor behaves: Plan 9: Not dead, Just Resting, by Ori Bernstein

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Like mentioned in my comment (now deleted) this is plan9 running acme:

The implementation of plan9 actually used in the video is: Plan 9 from User Space

It has to be installed/compiled with Xcode:


To install, run ./INSTALL. It builds mk and then uses mk to run the rest of the installation.

For more details, see install(1), at install.txt in this directory and at https://9fans.github.io/plan9port/man/man1/install.html.



enter image description here

Successfully compiled/installed in High Sierra (see screenshot) and Mojave. Not tested in Catalina.

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