Im macOS Catalina, screen recordings are temporarily stored in ~Library/ScreenRecordings before being saved on the target location. However, on systems with minimal available system storage, this can cause the recording to stop when disk space is full. Is there any way to link ~Library/ScreenRecordings to an external drive such as /Volumes/External\ Drive/ScreenRecordings?

I have tried using symbolic links, however the screen recording crashed immediately. Is there any other way to do this?


You can try the following option:

$ cd ~/Library/Containers/
$ mv com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/ com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX.backup/
$ ln -s /Volumes/<NAME_OF_VOLUME>/com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/ .

If the above option didn't help, then I would suggest you to:

Check the first comment on this page shared by bmike.

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    As of macOS Catalina, the screen recordings are stored in ~/Library/ScreenRecordings. This change was due to the fact that Apple introduced a system wide screen recording utility, called Screenshot located in /Applications/Utilities/Screenshot.app. Creating a symbolic link at ~/Library/ScreenRecordings caused the Screenshot app to crash, but using QuickTime to start the screen recording successfully used the symbolic link at ~/Library/ScreenRecordings pointing to the external drive. Is there any reason why the Screenshot app does not work with symbolic links and QuickTime does? – Bytzo Dec 30 '19 at 17:24

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