I used to have the U2, Songs of Innocence album on my phone, that was a free download from Apple in 2014. (This was slightly controversial at the time.)

I can't see it on my iPhone X, running 13.3 in Apple Music App under music or purchases. Nor can I see it in the iTunes app under downloads or purchases on my phone.

The instructions on Apple's website, from the linked help page, indicate that having Apple Music enabled is a pre-requisite for downloading it. I don't have Apple Music enabled.

This came out prior to Apple Music. I don't understand why it would be associated with it.

In addition, I can see the Songs of Innocence Album on my phone using iMazing under Music, looking as if it needs to be downloaded from the Cloud.

enter image description here

My question is: Can I re-download the Songs of Innocence download I once had without an Apple Music subscription?


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You can download it without an Apple Music subscription, provided you had an iPhone at the release time in 2014 and still have the same Apple account.

For this this was:

Music App -> Library -> Artists -> U2 -> Songs of Innocence -> Download.

enter image description here

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