I have an iPad Pro (2018 3rd Gen) with a USB-C Port and a 2018 Macbook Pro with a USB-C Port. Can I tether the iPad to my Macbook's Internet connection using a USB-C cable?

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Yes, you can use a USB-C cable to share Macbook's Internet connection with the iPad just like the USB to lightning cable does on iPhones and older iPads.


  • The USB-C cable powers the iPad directly from the Macbook reducing the number of mains sockets you need to just one.

  • WiFi & Bluetooth can be completely turned off on the iPad.

  • Traffic is proxied to the iPad via the Macbook (which has a firewall in front of it).


  • Airdrop and Sidecar will not work with your wireless interfaces down.

Parts Required:

  • Standard USB-C charging cable that came with your iPad will work

  • Or this short (and tidy) Anker USB-C cable I've found works well

Internet Connection:

You Macbook should have a non-802.1x Internet connection to share, ie: straight WiFi. If your WiFi connection is secured using EAP-TLS (with certificates) or other 802.1X security to stop this sort of thing, the USB-C Internet connection sharing won't work.


On Macbook Pro: "System Preferences" > "Sharing" > "Internet Sharing" and tick "iPad USB" as below:

System Preferences Sharing Dialog

Connect the USB-C cable between them and you're done.

USB-C Anker Cable

It's a tidy, secure solution.

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