Platform(s): MacOS Catalina (10.15.2) and an iPad (13.3).

Disclaimer: I'm in no way experienced or knowledgeable in anything relating to computers.

Background: I'm keen to cut ties with Facebook completely and thought I'd investigate if there are any Facebook files lurking around on my Mac to do whatever Facebook files likes to do; spying, stealing info etc.

Found: I found the following files using Double Commander, scouring the entire drive.


Question: Are these all safe to delete?

Bonus question!: Is there a Terminal command to delete files in this manner? As there is for xCode etc.

  • TBH/ deleting these files will do nothing. Just don't visit Facebook in a browser. – IconDaemon Dec 18 '19 at 14:10
  • @IconDaemon or do so in private mode :P. Apps are no good either. I cant even block ads on app. – anki Dec 18 '19 at 17:55
  • Well, I can’t delete them anyway. Can’t even change permission on their subdirectories. :[ – sekizuri Dec 18 '19 at 18:22
  • @nistan123 yes most of the directories listed are fairly important to be able delete directly. – anki Dec 18 '19 at 19:00

While I am not aware of the insides in detail, but I can comment(answer) on some.


All the tiff, png, icns files are just images and icons and I wouldn't mind them sitting where they are.

For the news one, it's a JavaScript file and it can be worth reading, if it's readable, to see what it has.

For the last two of Firefox, I routinely delete the Profiles folder every time YouTube's suggestions become obsolete or one sided. So you can delete that folder using Finder (yay!) and see if it comes up again. It could be a good thing to save to protect you from tracking!

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All the ones in /System are Apple system files that handle integrating MacOS with FaceBook, rather than 'software' written by FaceBook. They certainly aren't going to steal any info from your Mac.

If you don't have a FaceBook account, then they will be unused (like many other system components that you're probably not using).

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Thank you all for your responses. As mentioned I can't delete any of these files no matter what I do, so I guess a clean reinstall of the OS will solve it - as long as I steer clear from using Facebook whatsoever and perhaps conducting a clean OS reinstall of iPhone and iPad too avoiding the FB app.

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  • No, a clean install will not change the content of /System (or, to be correct, will just reinstall it). – nohillside Dec 22 '19 at 19:58
  • You mean, Apple has pre-installed Facebook directories on a completely clean/untouched drive? – sekizuri Dec 27 '19 at 21:11
  • As others have written in their answers/comments: this are support files used if you access Facebook (e.g. Accessibility support, login support etc). As long as you don‘t have an FB account (or don‘t access FB from your Mac) nothing will happen. – nohillside Dec 27 '19 at 22:42
  • and the last two files listed seem so be Settings for a tracking protection function within Firefox, something you probably want to have. – nohillside Dec 27 '19 at 22:43
  • But that’s exactly what I wrote in my comment. I’ll do a clean reinstall + avoid using FB whatsoever. And i’m downvoted for this for some reason. – sekizuri Dec 28 '19 at 13:21

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