I have Windows 7 X64 installed onto my MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012; I installed the OS using Boot Camp Assistant from within macOS, and installed the latest copy of the Boot Camp drivers (5.1.5621). Whilst all devices are working as expected, I've noticed that unlike in macOS, any audio that I play back through my speakers from within Windows sounds "tinny" and has no bass. My assumption is that only the left/right speakers are having audio sent to them, and the subwoofer is being left out of the mix - resulting in the somewhat flat sound. Does anybody know of a driver that I could use to replace the one included in Apple's Boot Camp driver set to enable this functionality? This version of the MacBook Pro appears to be using a Cirrus audio codec.


  • Have you looked at changing the audio settings within Windows? Apr 1 at 0:25

I know this is a rather old question, but by any chance have you found a fix? I wish I could provide more help... but I'm battling with this right now. A lot of other people resort to playing with the "enhancements" to increase volume, but that obviously does nothing to fix how terribly thin the speakers sound when using windows 10.

I wonder if apple does some specific equalizing and attenuation on four drivers to make them sound more full in the macbook enclosure.

  • Interesting theories. Have you been able to make a test playing the same file from both OS. Listening to a short snippet might be interesting to decide if this effect is measurable.
    – bmike
    Oct 31 '20 at 10:55
  • Unfortunatley no fix as of yet. All other models of MacBook that I've used (an early 2008 Pro, a late 2013 Air and a mid 2014 Pro Retina) have all worked fine in terms of speakers with Boot Camp - the 2012 seems to be an exception in terms of the subwoofer, however. Will update if I find anything.
    – elliott94
    Nov 1 '20 at 9:51

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