I'm interested in writing a text in the sciences that requires some mathematical notation, but I see no way to incorporate LaTeX into iBooks using iBooks Author.

Am I missing a feature? Is there an add-on plug-in architecture (e.g. using "widgets") that would allow me to add a tool for LaTeX editing. Are there any existing LaTeX "widgets" or add-ons?

Ideally, I'm seeking something other than a "one-way" static PDF- or image-generation approach.

  • Of course you want more than a "one-way" generated rendering. So do I; you just beat me to posting this question! I posted a one-way solution as an answer in the hope that it might help generate a more useful answer, and one-way is better than no way. – Daniel Jan 20 '12 at 16:20
  • Let Apple know about this issue : apple.com/feedback/ibooks-author.html – user17525 Jan 21 '12 at 7:00


...is the solution I'll go with now. You can export your Latex as a picture which can be very easily copied into iBooks Author.

enter image description here


IF you rendered the LaTeX into a PDF, you could certainly paste the resulting image into iBooks Author, but this is hardly an optimal solution.

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