The screen capture app on my Macbook Pro (the one that comes up when I press Cmd + Shift+5) has an option to capture the mouse pointer as well. However that option doesn’t seem to work - the capture works fine, but there is no mouse pointer in the captured image.

There is some discussion here, but no resolution. I’m relatively new to the Mac - is there something I’m missing, or do I need to install a third-party screen capture app?


You can do using Terminal. After running Terminal, run this command:

screencapture -C -T5 Desktop/test.png

This will create a file test.png including cursor on your Desktop 5 seconds later.

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    This is my preferred answer, although using Preview and “entire screen” works equally well. Thanks. – Roly Dec 22 '19 at 12:23

You can open Preview and go to File -> Take Screenshot -> From entire screen, and the cursor will show up.



  • Use tools like Highlighter or box etc in the image editing tools of preview instead of the pointer.

  • Record a small screen video and take a screenshot there.

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