How do I fix #4 in the scenario below?


Day 1: Contacts.app entry X contains both mobile-phone numbers A and B.

Day 2: Contacts.app entry X contains only mobile-phone number A.

Also on Day 2:

  1. [good] macOS Contact.app no longer associates B with entry X.
  2. [good] macOS Messages.app no longer associates B with X.
  3. [good] iCloud.com Contacts no longer associates B with X.
  4. [BAD] iOS 12.3.2 Messages.app still associates B with Contacts.app entry X.

To fix #4, I've unsuccessfully tried rebooting (multiple times) my iOS (an iPhone 8), restarting iOS Messages.app and Contacts.app, even adding a new Contacts.app entry with the old phone number (in attempt to "redirect" B with another Contacts.app entry), which all reflects fine in #1, #2, and #3... but not #4.

Thoughts on how to fix?

I want to avoid deleting iOS Messages.app threads associated with B. And I'm not even sure this would fix it either, but I haven't tried because I want to retain said msg threads/data/photos.

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