I find that when using iTunes that it fails to access the Gracenote server to get track names for CDs I wish to import. Sick enough, but I have several Macs and one using version does. I have trawled sites to find an answer to this question and come up with retrograding the version I am using. Fair enough, makes sense. I have followed answers provided here, only to be presented with the same error report; "(-45076)", what is going on? It's bad enough that developers at Apple have made a boo-boo, but then not fix this, or offer a way users can do it themselves is aberrant. Might it be the OS I am using is affecting a downgrade? Although downgrading my OS is not going to be simple! Can someone please help fix this issue that I'm sure is afflicting many of us?

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    Current iTunes is 12.9 - try that just in case it's not a local network/firewall issue – Tetsujin Dec 7 '19 at 17:47

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