Ever since buying a new Mac, which has forced me to upgrade to Catalina, I cannot view the Trash folder in the Terminal. ls ~/.Trash just gives ls: .Trash: Operation not permitted. So does sudo ls ~/.Trash. According to ls -al ~, the permissions for ~/.Trash are drwx------, and the owner is me. sudo chmod a+x ~/.Trash and sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash both fail with the same error.

Is it possible to view the Trash in the terminal in Catalina?


You have to give the Terminal.app Full Disk permissions in the security settings.

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    Interesting! While this may seem like a giant hassle, it's clear to me that this decision could also potentially block a whole lot of malware. I think I actually support this design decision on Apple's part. – John Clements Jan 23 at 21:29

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