With Handoff enabled, when text is copied on iPhone (e.g. in Notes) the copied text also is saved to the Mac desktop clipboard. And if using a clipboard manager on the desktop, that same copied text also appears in the clipboard manager.

So if I'm in one room writing and copying in Notes on iPhone, anyone could have a look at the clipboard manager on my desktop in the other room and see what I've been copying.

I like Handoff. But don't want stuff copied in iOS to appear in the clipboard manager on the desktop.

I've learned that some clipboard managers can blacklist apps (I'm using Collective and it has a Blacklist) but Handoff isn't an app.

I've searched, and so far can't find a clipboard manager that "ignores" Handoff.

An alternative would be clipboard manager that will delete entries at a user-specified time period. Also, so far, can't find such an app.

Is there a way to "block" Clipboard entries from appearing in a clipboard manager? Or any other solution?

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