I am using Synology Diskstation as NAS in my local home network. When I connect my Mac to the NAS the volume is mounted becomes visible in Finder. In Terminal I can access the NAS folders using /Volumes/home/some/path...

Now I have added another Diskstation to the network and when I connect to both they can be accessed using /Voluemes/home and Volumes/home-1.

When connecting to a remote Network using OpenVPN and accessing another Diskstation it is mounted as /Volumes/home-2

The problem is, that I never know which diskstation is mounted under which path. The naming depends completly on the order in which the connections are established / the volumes are mounted.

For example I would like to add a Git folder on the VPN machine as remote to a local repository. While adding /Volumes/home-3/some/path/my.git as remote is no problem at first, it becomes a problem when the connection is re-established and the volume is now available as Volume/home or /Volumes/home-1, etc.

How can this be solved?

Is it somehow possible to mount / connect different (network) volumes using custom/unique names? For example /Volumes/LocalNAS/..., /Volumes/BackupNAS/..., /Volumes/VPNRemote/..., etc.?

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    You could try automount as described in this answer but there may be issues on Mojave. What version of macOS are your running?
    – lx07
    Commented Dec 5, 2019 at 13:59


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