For now my workflow is:

  1. opening myfile.csv in numbers
  2. applying changes to myfile.numbers
  3. saving myfile.numbers
  4. export myfile.numbers to myfile.csv (overwrite old)

Rinse - repeat when new changes come in.

So I wondered - is there a way to force numbers to automatically export to .csv when I hit "save"? (i.e. combining steps 3&4?)

(no computer science background, just curious)

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I think you can just bypass using myfile.numbers all together. Instead of saving myfile.numbers (step 3), just export myfile.numbers as a csv, and quit Numbers without saving.

This way, your workflow is:

1) Open myfile.csv with Numbers

2) Edit myfile.csv in Numbers

3) Export the current file as myfile.csv, which overwrites myfile.csv with a new version.

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