I'm using the Logitech G613 Bluetooth Keyboard with my 2019 MacBook Pro.

When I try to use the < key on the Bluetooth Keyboard it prints "^" while the key left to the 1 key prints "<". In the "Input Sources" setting I can see a keyboard layout with the < key (next to left shift key) missing:

Keyboard layout missing the "<" key

After using the built-in keyboard the displayed layout switches to the correct layout with the angle bracket key. The key works fine on the built-in keyboard. After using the bluetooth keyboard the layout switches back to the previous one.

Correct Keyboard layout displayed when using built in keyboard

Does anyone now how to tell macOS that this key exists on the G613?


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You should be able to set a device-spesific key change using Karabiner. If you can't easily set that, you can make a (custom) rule by finding a custom rule on karabiner's website, and then modifying it.


The machine seems to think your external keyboard has the wrong "type", namely ANSI instead of ISO. This page provides some possible fixes.

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