We have tens of Mac computers and hundreds of students in our lab. Each student will have a G Suite education account.

We somehow want to achieve a solution so that:

  1. Each student will have a private account (email, password)
  2. Each student will be able to login from any MacOS with that account.

How close we can get to this scenario?

I'm ready to install supportive servers if there is a way to distribute accounts across lab computers.


What we want is to provide 1GB of disk space for each user. So I started to think like this:

  • I can set a central server which has a volume for each student. Is this a good idea?

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I found an answer after long research.

There's a project called OpenLDAP, which also runs on Docker. When you configure mac authentication to listen to the ldap server, users can log in to any Mac any time.


There's only one "con", you can't limit disk quotas, which is OK. This is the best closest solution. I plan to add cloud options (e.g: owncloud) for users; which will help us as extra disk space.

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