When going to the movie or attending to a talk, how can I put my iPhone in quiet mode only for a limited period of time, like one hour?

In particular, it is mostly the case that I will forget to disable the quiet mode when the movie / talk is finished and that I would miss calls or notifications.

I tried this by settings, or asking “Siri”, but the answer was that it is not possible. This would be a great feature.



Your best option is to use Do Not Disturb.

There are multiple new limited-time settings for Do Not Disturb in the Control Center, which automatically turn off after the specified time elapses.

  • For one hour
  • Until this evening (or afternoon/morning depending on the time - it's generally a few hours)
  • Until I leave this location
  • Until this event ends (if you have a timed event set in your calendar) A single tap on the icon without selecting an option turns on Do Not Disturb until you tap it again.

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