I have just updated to MacOS 10.15 Catalina, and it asks "AMPDevicesAgent wants to use your confidential information stored in iOS backup in your keychain" when I try to backup my iPhone.

It is a bit unexpected to see a requester like this without any explanation why, and whether it is legitimate. Mac users who are less technical may be confused by this, and others may also be susipicious as to whether this is a legitimate request from MacOS itself and should be permitted or not.

How can I tell if this alert is legitimate?


There is an Apple discussion thread which discusses this problem, but to save having to read a long thread there, it might be better if the corect answer were posted here, as people may be more likely to look or search for the answer on StackExchange.

  • I'd have included it in the original question, as "background info" – Tetsujin Nov 29 at 18:40
  • It’s OK to work things out in an answer - wrong or right. Once you have a good edit - you can delete this and/or edit into shape. – bmike Nov 29 at 19:12

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