When trying to update my user account password on macOS Catalina 10.15.1 in the System Preferences, under Users & Groups, with the Change Password... button, I get the error message:

The password for the account "..." was not changed. Your system administrator may not allow you to change your password or there was some other problem with your password. Contact your system administrator for help.

Of course, I'm sure I entered my login password correctly ;-)

When my system administrator attempts to reset my password using the *Reset Password..." button in the Users & Groups system preferences, they get the error message:

Reset password failed

What can I do to change my password?

Just a further piece of information that might be related with this issue: My account was created in a previous version of macOS and I used my iCloud password to log in and unlock my Mac. This option has been removed in recent versions of macOS. Moreover, I recently had to change my iCloud password.

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