I've been getting close to filling up my 16 GB iPhone 4 with iOS 5. I have freed up some space and have 1.5 GB available, but I keep getting alerts that are annoying.

Is there a way to disable the alert or change the threshold for which it is triggered?
Here's what the alert says.

enter image description here


Apple do not provide any way to stop what it perceives as important alerts.

That said, for those with jailbroken phones, popup blocker provides the required functionality

Edit: the original question is answered in the most part, but i think the real question should be 'Why am i getting the ios Stoage almost full" alert.

this is either a bug, or you've got a lot of mail stored on the phone...

There appears to be a few users with the same issue over on the Apple support forums here

  • Do you know what threshold the space free is triggered at? – Split71 Jan 19 '12 at 18:49

Definitely a jailbreak issue. A quick cure would be to, go to notifications; reminders; Alert style: change to none or banners. I recommend none. Until we get a better fix.

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