I'd like to increase the network buffer between two Macs.

One Mac is a media recorder for OTA TV, the other is acting as the media player.

The recording / playback is done with the EyeTV application. Recordings can be streamed, but there is no buffer setting that I can find.

I believe I have sufficient bandwidth, but jitter makes playback stop around once per minute.

The media format is slightly non-standard, and only fully works with the EyeTV application. VLC can start to play the media back, and works well with a large enough buffer setting, but seeking is inconsistent and sometimes VLC only picks up the first ~20% of the recorded file.

The recorder Mac is pretty old, and not really suited for exporting recordings at a reasonable speed.


I'm open to any suggestions but it seems that for proper playback I have to use EyeTV for streaming, and it doesn't have a user accessible buffer setting.

Is there any way I can increase the network buffer between these two Macs?

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