I would like to have a table name automatically generate when a root value is updated. For example, in my budget spreadsheet, I have Groceries 11/07 -> 11/06. In a cell, if I have a cell starting date with value 11/01/2019, I can use

=CONCATENATE("groceries ",MONTH($B$2),"/", DAY($B$2),"->",MONTH($B$2+6), "/", DAY($B$2+6))

to calculate the desired string without having to update it manually (when I make next month's spreadsheet, for example.) Is there a way to have a formula be the name of a table? Or should I just have an extra header row instead of displaying the table name?


There's no way to make a table name the result of a calculation. You will need to use a table cell and hide the table name. Sounds like a good idea for a feature request, though.

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