I was wondering if there's any way to see if someone did a Time Machine backup on a macbook.

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    Which problem are you trying to solve here? How long in time do you want/need to look back? – nohillside Nov 18 at 14:52

From what I'm gathering you want to see if anyone accessed your computer to make a backup of it. I found this thread which might answer your question for how to retrieve the time machine backup logs from your Mac. Run the following command in Terminal

log show --style syslog --predicate 'senderImagePath contains[cd] "TimeMachine"' --info

which will show the most recent backups made.

Edit: If you are not on an administrative account, append sudo to the front of the command like so:

sudo log show --style syslog --predicate 'senderImagePath contains[cd] "TimeMachine"' --info
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    This command may need sudo. Without on a standard user account I get the error log: Could not open local log store: The log archive format is corrupt and cannot be read. With sudo it works. – lx07 Nov 19 at 11:28

I think this might help:

The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) – a quick but thorough check of Time Machine backing up

It’s a free tool from Howard Oakley, who describes it this way:

T2M2 analyses your logs to discover whether Time Machine backups have been running normally, reporting any worrying signs or errors. You do not need to be able to read or understand logs to be able to check for problems now. Reports deep event traversals, compaction of volumes, regularity of backups, and more. Detailed Help book explains results and advises. New version enhances reporting of free space on backup volumes.

That’s where I’d start!


Time Machine preferences will show you all disks used to back up the machine, and date ranges for the backup. Unless someone was particularly malicious and deleted that backup location from the MacBook prefs after completing it, you should be able to determine the date of last backup to a given drive.

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