I updated safari to 11.1 yesterday and ever since it has been popping up the same message "SafariBookmarksSyncAgent quit unexpectedly" and it just continues to come back. I cant open Safari either because "Safari cannot be opened because of a problem".

I get following error in the log for both the Safari app and SafariBookmarksSyncAgent:

Library not loaded: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Safari

Referenced from: /System/Library/CoreServices/SafariSupport.bundle/Contents/MacOS/SafariBookmarksSyncAgent Reason: no suitable image found.

Did find: /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Safari: code signature invalid for '/System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Safari'

/System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Safari: code signature invalid for '/System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Safari'

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What ended up working for me was restarting the computer in safe mode.

Here's an explanation from an apple discussions post.

Certain caches maintained by the system will be rebuilt.

Safe mode is much slower to start up than normal. The next normal startup may also be somewhat slow.

When the login screen appears, restart as usual (not in safe mode) and test. There's no need to log in while in safe mode.

Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or earlier, or if a firmware password is set, or if the startup volume is a software RAID, you can’t start in safe mode. In that case, ask for instructions.

From: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7069199

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