Based on proposed solutions at: What causes some Network Drives using SMB no longer connect to macOS Catalina?

I have edited the /etc/nsmb.conf which worked for about seven (7) days, and now nothing. I verified that the edited lines are intact after a system update from apple.

I am using Samba version 4.7.6.

On server side I set the smb.conf file in GLOBAL settings to include the line:

min protocol = SMB2 (I have also tried, min protocol = SMB3) different server, same result (no connection).

somewhat at wit's end. May have to roll back from Catalina.

I can access the servers from android devices and Windows 10


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SOLVED: Kept working on this and deleted the existing servers from the list on the "Connect to Server" (FINDER, GO, CONNECT TO SERVER) list. Then browsed for servers and VOILA, CONNECTED!!!!

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    Nov 17, 2019 at 16:39

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