Xcode screenshot highlighting two tabs in the left hand panel (Project Navigator and Issue Navigator), the main code editor, and the scroll bar overview

I’m looking to use VoiceOver with Xcode.

Using just the keyboard (and with VoiceOver running) how do I switch focus between Xcode's main editing area, the project navigator, the issues navigator, and the scroll bar overview?


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The shortcuts you are looking for are the following

  • The project navigator is: ⌘+1 (Cmd-1)
  • The issues navigator is: ⌘+5 (Cmd-5)
  • Main Editing area is (once you have selected a file in the issues or project navigator):
    • ⌘+J (Cmd-J) and, after release, ↵ (Return) or
    • ⌥+⌘+` (Opt-Cmd-`)
  • The Mini Map: ⌃+⌘+⇧+M (Ctrl-Cmd-Shft-M)

Hope that helps.

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