In iOS, when one goes to Settings -> Contacts -> Default account, one can choose the cloud account (for example iCloud, Gmail etc.), to sync a newly created contact by default. Is there a way to sync the same contact to multiple accounts. Flow:

  1. Create a contact on iPhone.
  2. Go to gmail.com -> Contacts and the contact should be there.
  3. Go to icloud.com -> Contact and the contact should be there.

Basically, I want to have the same set of contacts in both accounts without, of course, having duplicates on my phone.


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Not a straightforward way, but I export all contacts in Contacts.app in a format that Google Contacts receives. Then upload them all there and clean up all the duplicates.

Then export a file from Google Contacts. Delete all iCloud contacts and then import the file I just got.

But ever since I started using photos for people's phone numbers, this doesn't work.

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