I have a DMG file for an application. Created with some list of scripts that are not readily accessible for quick re-run. The content is fine but it mounts a volume name that is broken. It is broken because a specific format is expected by other scripts.

Is there some way to edit this existing DMG file to rename the volume it will mount as?

To illustrate:

  • DMG file name: my_macos_image.dmg
  • I doubleclick on my_macos_image.dmg
  • DMG content is mounted at "/Volumes/my_mac_image_oops_this_part_is_too_much"
  • I wish to edit DMG file to change "/Volumes/my_mac_image_oops_this_part_is_too_much" to "/Volumes/my_mac_image"

How can I do this? (or can I..)

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