I want to find a graphic application that can draw basic workflows with mathematical expressions. For example, I want to draw something like the following figure from "Implementation and Optimization of Differentiable Neural Computers" by Carol Hsin. enter image description here

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    https://www.overleaf.com/learn/latex/LaTeX_Graphics_using_TikZ:_A_Tutorial_for_Beginners_(Part_3)—Creating_Flowcharts code since the link would break at the dash. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/168314/… – ankii Nov 13 at 4:15
  • Hi, I've changed the title. Does this help clarify my request? I find LaTeX is too complex and it is hard to find a friendly document to start with. Could you please offer a simpler tool? or a more friendly document and application for LaTeX that can help me draw the above picture? Thanks @ankii – Maybe Nov 13 at 6:34

Omnigraffle can make flow charts very easily. It's very good at linking lines to boxes, so that you can reposition the boxes and retain the linking.

  • Hi, I used Omnigraffle for sometimes, it does not support mathematical expressions. And expression copy-pasted into could be very blurry somehow. I want something that supports both flow charts and mathematical expressions – Maybe Nov 13 at 8:05
  • See if you can make that em dash in the URL work, and replace code with link. – ankii Nov 13 at 11:22
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    Photoshop is a terrible idea: it's a bitmap editor for photos, not a drawing package for vector objects. Illustrator would be the Adobe tool best suited. – benwiggy Nov 20 at 7:26
  • I somehow completely missed illustrator! – ankii Nov 20 at 8:41
  • Also, Ps exports png right ? and vectors can be drawn using Pen tool I guess. How come it can't draw vector objects ? Or do you mean that it is tough to draw using it ? – ankii Nov 20 at 9:11
  • Well, OK: it can draw paths and text, but it's primarily a bitmap editor and you have to raster and flatten those elements to save in some of the formats: Illustrator is a tool much more suited to the task of grouped boxes, text and lines semantically linked. I often see people suggesting PS to edit text in a PDF and it drives me potty!!! – benwiggy Nov 20 at 11:21

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