I'm using Mixxx DJ software (free open source) to perform DJ mixes. I would like to start recording the audio from the Mixxx application alongside video captures from my webcam (focused on my DJ controller).

OBS seems the go to for this type of work, however I cannot get Mixxx's audio to pipe through to a device available to OBS. I've tried soundflower, iShowUCapture, Jack and Blackhole. None work. The only thing I've found that works well is Loopback 2. However, as I am simply a hobbiest, I'm not willing to pay $99 for some connection software.

Plenty of videos on youtube show people using the above applications to record desktop audio in OBS, but I can't seem to get it to work. I follow the instructions perfectly, and no sound is sent to OBS. I've even made sure that Mixx's output device is the correct output device.

Please help! I'm looking for a free solution. I'm using Catalina which I wonder if that's the problem.

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