There was a post on reddit about tracks sorting within an playlist in Apple Music app for iOS but it seems this method doesn't work anymore (at least for me).

When I delete or add songs to playlists using iTunes, yes, it automatically syncs with my iPhone (Apple Music app) but sorting seems to be ignored, whichever sorting/order I set in iTunes it doesn't reflect in Apple Music app.

How can I solve this problem?

I just want to sort my track by release date

enter image description here

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I found the way (but still you need iTunes to set order on your iOS device).

  • Open iTunes
  • Right click on a playlist
  • Select Copy to Play Order to set the default order for this playlist when copied to a device

enter image description here


The really BIG question is why does apple not have this oh so basic capability. Sort by title / artist / album. Once again we have the toy computer philosophy.

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