maybe I am stupid, but I just cant figure out how to extract multiple zips into the same folder easy.

I always end up with folders of the zip name that then has the content in it... this is really annoying.

Is there a app that does this automatically?



One real easy way is to use unzip on the command line.

1) If the ZIP file doesn't contain any folder hierarchy, simply files at the "root" level of the compressed file, do this:

  1. open Terminal and cd to the folder with the ZIP file
  2. unzip zipfile.zip

-> The files are extracted directly into that folder.

2) If the ZIP file does contain a folder hierarchy, but you still want to extract everything in the same folder (usually not a good idea, as the hierarchy is there probably for a reason), do the same thing as above, but with -j modifier for unzip, which means "junk paths (do not make directories)":

unzip -j zipfile.zip

Edit: the same approach works for RAR files, except you'd need to install the command-line unrar tool yourself (unlike with unzip), and I'm not sure what the equivalent for unzip's -j modifier is.

  • thanks, but there must be a app does doesn't require command line input :/ – Roland Jun 22 '15 at 18:11

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