I am getting a MacBook Pro today, in order to build an App.

My question is simple (I hope):

  • Can I set up a company account through Apple, for Appstore purchases, etc.?


  • Do I have to set up a personalized account?

Bear in mind that in the future, I might not be the person that works on future apps, so the machine might transition over to someone else.


You can setup an account for a company, just use a company e-mail address that isn't strictly your own (ideally, something generic like appleid@company) and fill out the correct fields on the sign-up section.

You can also use this account to join the developer program with Apple - although this might be what you meant anyway.

When signing up, I'd still use your name - this can easily be changed, but fill out the company details (and, I suppose, credit card).

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