This is the popup I get please help

Found this error:Could not find or load main class E Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: E

I am trying to install Forge so I can load mods for Minecraft.

  • also when I run it on the console it pops up as : MacBook-Air:~ max$ java -jar ~/Dowloads/forge-1.8.9- Error: Unable to access jarfile /Users/max/Dowloads/forge-1.8.9- – Aspect Gamez Nov 4 at 1:07
  • What is the output of jar -tf [PATH_TO_JAR_FILE]? – abc Nov 4 at 4:17
  • abc it says -bash: xjar: command not found – Aspect Gamez Nov 5 at 0:28
  • @AspectGamez does the other question I linked answer your query ? Also, using just the username didnt notify abc. Please use @ to do that. One person per comment. :) – ankii Nov 5 at 0:44

Those jar files are not executed by double-clicking. You have to place it in .minecraft/versions folder and run it from launcher I think.

  • Thanks tried that didn't work still. – Aspect Gamez Nov 5 at 0:29

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