Every time I start my iMac up, it boots in verbose mode. This has been happening for some months now. I have tried clearing the NVRAM and SMC, but nothing helped.

Interestingly, I upgraded from an iMac to an iMac Pro and the verbose boot copied over with the Time Machine restore.

I‘ve run nvram -xp and there are no boot args. I’ve tried running sudo nvram boot-args=“” as well, but it does not help (consistent with the verbose boot setting being copied over from Time Machine).

/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plistis basically empty. I also checked Onyx and the boot mode there was set to normal, not verbose.

This was occurring on 10.14.5 and continues to occur on 10.15.1.

Anyone have any suggestions on where else the flag might be set?

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