I accenditally used a passphrase that contains a newline character for one of my TM volumes. So my passphrase contains e.g.


Although it should be (without the trailing newline)


My problem is that I need to copy/paste the passphrase from a text editor because typing it does not work (which is not convenient nor secure)

I already tried to change the password using DiskUtility (File menu > Change password...) or using the terminal with this:

pss=$(echo -e -n 'MYPASSPHRASE\n')
diskutil cs passwd 12345678-ABCD-FEDC-7654-ABCDEF1234 -oldpassphrase $pss -newpassphrase MYNEWPASSPHRASE

I also tried the -stdinpassphrase option but with no luck in any case:

Error: -69725: Unable to change the Core Storage passphrase

Does someone has a lead on how to change this "corrupted" passphrase or do I need to copy the content of my backup to a new volume as a last chance option ?



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