I have latest Amazon WorkSpaces installed which I use to connect to my client desktop.

I previously had Windows machine. There, if I was inside Amazon WorkSpaces and I pressed Alt+Tab, I was able to switch between windows opened inside my Amazon WorkSpaces.

I have now got Macbook, and here when I am inside Amazon WorkSpaces and I press Command+Tab, it switches between windows opened in my Mac OS and not windows in my Amazon WorkSpaces.

How can I get the behavior similar to Windows?


UPDATE: Apparently, within Amazon WorkSpaces, you can use Option Tab to emulate the Windows key command.

On macOS, command+ tab switches between applications, not windows. To cycle through the windows of the current application, use command and `, usually next to Z(or below escape on some keyboards). To cycle through Tabs within a window, use ctrl +tab.

  • Amazon WorkSpaces is a desktop on demand service. So I am accessing a Windows machine via it. command + ` didn't work. But your suggestion gave me an idea. I tried to option + tab inside Amazon WorkSpaces and it worked. If you can edit your answer include this, I will happy to accept this answer. – Naveen Nov 3 '19 at 6:33

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