My brother-in-law asks me to update his iPhone 6s by using my MacBook Pro. And my MacBook Pro has Catalina OS. So there is no iTunes, I use Finder to connect iPhone to my laptop and then I saw below picture:

enter image description here

So I press update and after some next, yes, continue, I saw below picture:

enter image description here

This is so weird because we don't see any progress bar, and we don't know when this update will end! - BIG ISSUE - so after one hour we decide to stop this damn update way and my MacBook Pro has 250GB hard disk. before download, I had 200 GB free and now I have 198.5GB free capacity.

Question: where is the iOS download directory? I wanna delete them.


Actually, I find the right answer, all updates are at:

~/Library/iTunes/iPhone\ Software\ Updates

For seeing on Finder enter below command on Terminal:

open ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone\ Software\ Updates

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