When my emails reach a certain "age" I do want to keep them, but I do not want them cluttering up my Mail.app and taking up space on my server.

My current strategy is to:

  1. filter them by sender, then
  2. move all the filtered items to a working folder, then
  3. Export that folder to my storage device (it saves in mbox format), then
  4. Delete the contents of the IMAP/working folder

This does work to save space and cleans up my email client; however, it also:

  1. Is a cumbersome process, and
  2. Creates the non-indexable mbox format

Is there any way (method, or software) that will archive my emails on offline media in an indexable and searchable format? I would prefer to be able to search by subject, date, sender, sent/received, and content.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Hmm… pretty quiet here. I'm thinking applescript-ing might be the way to go. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let the forum know. It might take me a while to develop something, but I will post it here when I do.
    – Parapluie
    Oct 30, 2019 at 19:08


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