Pages has a new feature to add latex equations. As a latex user, I find this extremely useful!

A feature that would make my life even better would be a keyboard shortcut that pushes the "insert" button in the popup window (see the screenshot below). Is it possible to do and how?


The button to push


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You can use the keyboard shortcut Command + Enter to invoke the Insert button and press the Esc button to invoke the Cancel button.

If you have keyboard navigation enabled (System Preferences app → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls, refer to the screenshot below), it is generally possible to move focus to onscreen control using the Tab key and invoke the control currently in focus using either Enter or Spacebar key. However, it doesn't appear to be the working in the given case. So the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts should be your recourse.

enter image description here

  • Thanks, just found it out by myself :)
    – Guy
    Oct 29, 2019 at 13:56

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