Goal: from WAN, SSH-tunnel to home router (outfitted with SSH) and access remote LAN devices with iPad's web browser.

As I understand it, a SSH-tunnel (connection) must be established first, which I imagine would require an App? The Ubuntu equivalent being:

ssh -f -N [email protected] -L 8080: server1.example.com:3000

Unless the app routes all web browser (port 80?) traffic through its tunnel, then there would need to be a setting in the browser that enable a tunnel proxy?

What are today's options? Solution preference is for simplicity & low-cost. Simplicity comprises avoiding jail-break.


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I don’t recommend using software for ssh tunnels since it’s less efficient than a VPN connection, but here are a list of software and options:

Apple doesn't enable an sshd process on iOS so you'll need to alter or add software to accomplish this if you can't just set up a web proxy in the cloud or on a more traditional server and point your iOS device to that web proxy or ssh tunnel on an OS that presumes wall power.

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