Whenever I start a call while on CarPlay and browse away from the phone controls (the screen where you can mute and hang up the call), let's say to check the maps app, I have a hard time to get the phone controls. This is my CarPlay interface

carplay interface

and the only way I have to get back at the phone controls is by tapping at the green bubble in the top left corner, but being as small as it is, it's almost always a hit or miss and I end up tapping it multiple times. This happens with me at least with Phone.app and WhatsApp.app phone calls.

Things that I have tried:

  • Obvious one: tapping on the big phone button. It does not work, during an active call it summons the interface of favorite contacts, recent calls, and dialer but not the current call screen

  • Using built-in car controls: I drive a 2018 Citroën C4 SpaceTourer whose CarPlay interface looks like this:

carplay physical inteface (photo taken from https://www.autobild.es/sites/autobild.es/public/styles/855/public/dc/fotos/Citroen-Grand_Picasso-2017-C06.jpg?itok=2xoZbuBi)

It looks a bit blurry but left of the volume knob there is a physical button with the shape of a phone that used to summon this very functionality in Android Auto and it summons the native Citroën interface when my iPhone is not paired, but while on CarPlay it does not work.

i have an iPhone XS running iOS 13.2 beta. This has happened with every beta and stable iOS 12 as far as I recall.

Is there any less effort way of achieving my purpose?

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