I'm running Catalina 10.15.1 Beta and Music.app 10.1.33, and I have a large library of music from CDs. I can see but can't play this music from my iPhone since it's not available in the cloud.

In the Music -> Preferences I have Library: Sync ticked. In list view I see songs with a cloud with dashed outline. I've left the Music.app running for 24 hours and Activity Monitor shows 2.8MB of Sent Bytes.

How do I make Music.app wake up and send music to the cloud?

  • Did it work before you upgraded to Catalina? – nohillside Oct 27 '19 at 8:54

In Music: File -> Library -> Update Cloud Library

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  • Thanks - now I see an "Updating Cloud Library" progress notification in the bottom left, but data is being sent at ~10KB/s over my fiber connection. This will take a while... – Nic Cottrell Oct 27 '19 at 20:19

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