Initially my computer was freezing every time it would go to sleep. I tried to reset the PRAM, but no fix. I booted from recovery and tried to install a previous version(s) of Time Machine backup, going back as far as a few months. I would get the error "The files couldn't be restored" I tried to fresh install OS "Operation cannot be completed" I tried to install Catalina and Mojave (Which is my current OS) and nothing worked.

Created a bootable USB with Mojave and attempted to install from that. I got much further in installation process but it still didn't work, but I was able to receive a log file


Does anyone know if this is my new SSD Electra that's the problem? Apple support is going to call me tomorrow, but with a after market SSD in my iMac I don't expect to get far there.

  • The predominant error is "No space left on device" Implying the partition is full. – Tetsujin Oct 25 '19 at 6:30

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