How can one generate a list of Homebrew all formulas/packages sorted by "most recently updated" (by package provider)?

I see no such sort/report at https://formulae.brew.sh/analytics. Maybe I missed something?

I can effectively generate some version of this report ever time I run a brew update... but that only provides me the updated-formulae since I last brew updated-ed, I think? I want to instead visit a website or run a command-line command (or some similar gizmo) that shows me a reasonably-updated report of all-most-recently-updated formulae.

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Open this folder in Finder:


⌘ ⇧ G in Finder will bring up a “Go To Folder…” dialog box. You can then paste the path from above into the box.

Then press ⌘ 2 to switch to list view and then click “Date Modified”.


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